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    Family oriented activities and recreation for all ages, you can be sure to get some quality time and enjoy the company of your family. Find Out More...
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    4600 feet above sea level, with 900 feet of elevation change, Links magazine calls Mountain Air Country Club "one of the most dramatic and naturally conceived courses in the country". Course Tour
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    What can be better than cool temps, great golf and a runway? Many of the Mountain Air Country Club members are pilots, and highly recommend it. Find Out More...
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Best Private Mountain Community in NC

Experience life above the clouds in the mountains of North Carolina. From golf and tennis to recreation and dining, Mountain Air Country Club is the best family-oriented life experience in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Golf at 5,000 feet, enjoy our many amenities both outdoor and indoor and enjoy fine dining in our restaurants. Voted Community of the Year in 2012, Mountain Air is an unpretentious club where members can relax and enjoy the company of family and friends.

Member Quotes

Ernie Euler
Thanksgiving is a special time up there for us and our parents always visit from Florida. The Thanksgiving tradition at Mountain Air is one that has become very important. Even though none of our other family members live at Mountain Air, it is a pla...
Fred Ahles
As I returned from a Labor Day weekend at Mountain Air Country Club in North Carolina, I couldn’t help but marvel at the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains setting and thank God I learned to fly. My family has had our summer home there for 15 years, ...
Rick Ruby
It’s a spectacular place to be, “When we’re up here I golf a little and my wife is an avid tennis player. But personally, I love to just sit on the deck, smoke cigars, and admire the view. It’s my favorite thing in the world.
We decided for MA due to the wonderful, cool summer temperatures (most important), multitude of activities for the whole family, great place to relax/reconnect with family/friends after a busy week of work.
Peter Odiorne
We build fires, make s'mores, hit the driving range, play football, take golf cart rides, we keep an eye out for bears, you name it. Our girls love to hike up to the tree house on top of the mountain. As they get older the experience is different eve...
Steve Major
This community is off-the-wall fantastic. It’s like high school, when you saw your buddies and said, ‘Hey, you wanna run around and have some fun?’
There are no traffic jams on the mountain, said a Mountain Air resident. It is a place for the whole family, but there are no crowds. There is no rush in the car from overlook to overlook. You can relax as you watch the color. And, of course, there...
Tom Kelly
We visited lots of other places, but none of them had the same combination of amenities, activities, and natural beauty.“This place really is something.”
Gail Lewis
The reasons we bought at Mt. Air were climate, (cool summers) casual lifestyle, family near by, therefore a good location for family get togethers, beauty, and a variety of activities for all ages.
Lt. Colonel USAF Retired, Wild Bill Stealey, Member since 2001
As an aviator, a golfer, a guy who likes to be outside at precisely 74 degrees in the summer, Mtn Air is perfect for my wife and me, our kids, and grandkids....sush...don't tell anyone!

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